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Company – Energy Consult Sweden

Energy consult Sverige as your partner for operational management in Sweden

Energy consult Sverige Sp. z o.o. is a 100 percent subsidiary of the German Life-Cycle-Service Provider energy consult GmbH. The parent company, based in Cuxhaven and in Husum in Germany, has been one of the leading operating companies in the wind energy sector for 34 years, is active in 6 countries in Europe and currently manages 988 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of around 3 gigawatts.

Outside of Germany the company is currently active in Sweden, France, Italy and Poland, with more markets constantly being under review.

Energy consult had already a track record on the Swedish market long before, in 2021 the subsidiary energy consult Sverige was finally founded.

Currently, the group holds contracts for the technical and commercial management of a total of 344 megawatts in Sweden.

Reference map

We have built an interactive map for you via Google Maps with all our locations and country-specific service volumes. To protect your data, we have put it behind our own reloading procedure. You can reload the map from Google Maps using the button below. Before doing so, please pay particular attention to Google's data protection conditions.

Reload map

Strong network for secure cooperation

Our corporate structure guarantees you financial security and minimises your economic risk.

Thanks to our many years of market experience within the energy consult Group and our association with the PNE Group, we actively shape change and react flexibly to unforeseeable events.

Our networking with relevant business and policy forums gives us insight into the technical, commercial and legal framework conditions for the wind farm management of tomorrow and enables us to organise our processes for the efficient operation of our customers' energy parks based on future criteria.