Technical operations management for wind energy in Sweden

As a specialist in the technical management of wind farms, we are at your side as a partner with 30 years of experience within the energy consult Group.

Energy consult is managed by proven experts: technically, commercially, organisationally. By regularly exchanging information with each other and examining all relevant data and documentation of the wind farms managed by us, we ensure the maximisation of profits for operators and investors.

We offer our customers flexible service packages - from basic packages to full-service asset management. This concept also includes holistic support for substations, testing and planning of grid connections as well as all activities related to the ongoing operation of wind turbines. We will submit an individual offer to you at any time, tailored to your needs.

Maximum availability of your wind turbines for successful operation

Our monitoring system keeps an eye on your system around the clock and, in the event of a fault, we take all the necessary steps to rectify the fault as quickly as possible.

Your benefit: Downtimes are reduced to a minimum.

Technical operations management uses wind forecasts, environmental analyses and documentation for preventive maintenance to anticipate faults and eliminate weak points. Through regular turbine inspections, it is possible to detect damage at an early stage and avoid costs due to downtime.

We assume overall plant responsibility and relieve you as the operator.

We always keep an eye on deadlines for operational obligations and licensing requirements so you can be sure that all necessary inspection and maintenance work is carried out in a timely manner.

In addition to the monitoring of your wind turbines, energy consult also offers the control and on-call service for the transfer station present in the wind farm.

Monitoring of transfer stations for fault-minimised feeding-in

Since a failure of the transfer station leads to the loss of the entire wind farm feed-in, quick response is of great importance.

In accordance with our optimisation approach, the management of the transfer stations is always designed in such a way that all processes of fault elimination, troubleshooting and maintenance are efficiently coordinated.