Technical services for the operation of wind turbines

Together with its subsidiaries, energy consult Prüfgesellschaft GmbH and MEB Safety Services GmbH, energy consult provides additional technical services and inspections related to the operation of wind turbines.

In the course of on-site inspections, our experts can detect possible damage at an early stage, avoid downtimes and increase availability of wind turbines. You can reduce your risk of significant repair costs, loss of yield and safety-related complaints.

This includes the following services:

During the periodic inspection, the machine including the electrotechnical equipment of the operation management and safety system as well as the rotor blades, the tower and the foundation are inspected to ensure that they are free from defects. For example, the tower structure is examined for damage with regard to stability.

This can be corrosion, cracks or spalling in the supporting steel and concrete structures. We also check whether there are any unauthorised deviations from the approved design, such as the allowable tilting or the required earth load on the foundation.

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A continued operation report provides information on whether continued operation after the 20-year service life would be viable and economically attractive. This requires an economic and a technical analysis of the respective wind turbine. Our experts prepare complete and independent expert reports for the safe and legally sound continued operation of your wind turbine with a service life of more than 20 years.

The report serves as proof of stability for continued operation and is the decision-making basis for continued operation, sale or repowering of your wind farm.

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Ensuring the technical safety of electrical systems and equipment of a wind turbine is also one of the duties of a wind farm operator. With our DGUV V3 inspection, you can quickly and safely guarantee compliance with the legal requirements of Regulation 3 of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV).

All electrical components that may represent a source of danger in the short or long term are tested.

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A prerequisite for receiving the statutory feed-in tariff is the installation and proper functioning of the grid protection device. This, in turn, is linked to guidelines which, among other things, stipulate that the proper functioning of the protective relays must be checked at intervals of no more than four years.

Our electricians inspect your protection equipment according to a fixed test protocol whilst also taking into account the specifications of the respective network operator.

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Our experts can prepare an expert report after commissioning or prior to acceptance of your wind turbine, which includes all of its components. As a rule, an inspection is carried out after completion of trial operation. In this context, we check whether the defined wind turbine-specific criteria of your delivery agreement have been adhered to 100% and all technical requirements of the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) have been fulfilled accordingly.

This expert report thus serves to clarify possible necessary improvements and repairs in advance, which therefore still have to be carried out by the wind turbine manufacturer free of charge under the warranty.

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Our experts also inspect your turbine before expiry of warranty and forward any weak points found to the manufacturer responsible for remedying them in order to avoid serious, costly damage immediately after the warranty period has expired.

What’s more, we provide you with detailed test documentation for further clarification of your rights to service and repair work.

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Regular inspections serve to identify any defects that arise in good time. In addition to inspecting the entire turbine and conducting an optical inspection, we also thoroughly check the noise development on rotating parts such as generator, gearbox or rotor.

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Visual inspections of gearboxes using video endoscopy is a fast and cost-effective method of conducting gearbox checks. The gear endoscopy provides a concrete statement about the condition of the gear, e.g., of rolling bearings and gear teeth, which would not be recognisable without complex partial disassembly.

This way, damage can be detected at an early stage, downtimes avoided, malfunctions reduced and turbine availability improved.

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We perform equipment testing of protective equipment against falls from heights (PPEaF), climbing protection systems, lifting gear up to ten tonnes as well as access equipment and safety gear. As technical experts, we maintain and repair devices and work equipment throughout Germany, both on site and in our workshop.

We offer the following tests for equipment:

• Winches, lifting and pulling devices and rope blocks according to DGUV-V-52
• Lifting cages and winches of access equipment according to DIN EN 1808
• Rescue equipment according to DGUV-G-312-906 + DGUV-R-112-199
• Electrical systems and equipment according to DGUV-V3
• Anchor points according to DIN EN 795
• Ladders according to DGUV-I-208-032 + DGUV-I-208-016
• Climbing protection according to DGUV-R-112-198/199

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We carry out installation, maintenance and servicing work for fire alarm systems or fire extinguishing and smoke alarm systems manufactured by protecfire. During each inspection, a fully digital record of the inspection is ensured.

Thanks to our flexible teams, we are able to provide all services for fire alarm systems or fire extinguishing and smoke alarm systems quickly and on schedule.

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We also undertake the installation, retrofitting, maintenance and servicing of obstruction lighting systems or on-demand night-time marking (BNK) and transponders. Recommended annual inspection reduces obstruction lighting malfunctions or failures.

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We offer both basic and refresher courses for wind turbine technicians and other professionals working at height and low levels. These training courses comply with the legal regulations and the rules of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV).
Furthermore, we offer electrotechnical training, such as the training courses for EUP (Electrically Instructed Person), work in confined spaces, rescue training, training for service lift systems as well as FISAT LV1-LV3 training and refresher training.

We will be happy to put together individual course offerings tailored to your particular area of work. If the location is suitable, we can also conduct the training at your site.

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