Further Services

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Flexible power purchase agreements (PPAs) tailor-made for local operation.

Together with selected marketers, energy consult has developed power purchase agreements (PPAs) that are designed to meet the flexibility requirements for the operation of wind power turbines.

Your advantages as a plant operator in working with energy consult

  • You can benefit from the connections and volume of the PNE Group on the electricity market through attractive conditions
  • You save yourself the trouble of building up expertise in the complex field of electricity marketing
  • You have access to experts from, for example, the energy industry as well as energy and contract legislation and you can save these costs in your own organisation

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Grid Connection Planning

In addition to the management of wind and solar farms, energy consult specialises in the electro-technical connection of renewable energy generation plants and supports you in all matters relating to grid connection.

We take care of the complete planning of the internal cabling up to the connection of a wind or solar farm to the public grid – both at medium voltage and high voltage level. In doing so, we always work in close coordination with all stakeholders involved.

Construction Management

During the construction phase, our customers and business partners can benefit from the many years of experience in the comprehensive realisation of wind and solar parks within the PNE Group. We take over the complete project management, starting with the construction of the roads and foundations, and also take care of the plant approval processes up to the handover of your wind or solar park ready for operation.

The individual construction phases are coordinated in a precise and targeted manner. On-schedule completion within the budget and in the best technical quality is our highest priority. Moreover, we coordinate cooperation with grid operators, experts, various service providers, all public authorities and the landowners.

Financial Services

The prerequisite for the realisation of a project in the renewable energies sector is to secure financing first.

Solid and competitive financing concepts are the pillars of project success. This includes a thorough analysis and the optimisation of the construction and operating costs.

Our customers benefit from our long-standing cooperation with credit institutions operating worldwide within the PNE Group, because integrity and reliability are decisive factors in the finance business. During the entire project phase, we are responsible for the collaboration with banks and insurance companies and ensure optimum project financing. The profitability calculations and continuous liquidity planning for each and every project are in good hands with us during all planning stages.

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