WTG optimization through the use of AI in operations management

PNE AG, parent company of energy consult GmbH, announced in July the acquisition of 51% of the British digital company Bitbloom Ltd. The company develops AI-supported software products which enable optimized operational management and thus increase the value of renewable energy plants.

With the investment, PNE AG intends not only to optimize the technical capacities in its own operation portfolio, but also to provide other owners and operators of wind turbines with the software solutions as well as operation optimization services based on them. Thus, the digital and analytical service offering of energy consult’s life cycle services will be further expanded.

Bitbloom’s innovative software products promise a better understanding of site-specific turbine behavior and are designed to increase turbine performance by reducing downtime and increasing kilowatt hours produced.

For this purpose, the software combines various data sources and creates a comprehensive evaluation basis for fault diagnosis. In the process, patterns and correlations are detected in the data that would be difficult for human analysts to comprehend due to the complexity. For example, correlations between SCADA data, wind assessments and turbine types can be uncovered in the future. This complex data reconciliation enables the detection of small but significant deviations from normal operation and early troubleshooting, so that performance degradations can be corrected or downtimes shortened.

In addition to AI-based analyses, conventional analysis methods such as physical and statistical models are available. On the one hand, these facilitate the technical interpretability of the results and also simplify the determination of the causes of faults. The combination of AI-based and physical analyses provides even greater transparency for the benefit of operational optimization.

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